Stock photos

anyone know a good place to get some good stock photos in great quantities (on the internet that is).

That is something I would like to know too. is one of the best places I know of, but it really isn’t anything to brag about.

the one i usually use is

it’s not too bad. but lately it’s just not cutting it for my needs
so if anyone else know a place i would greatly apreciate the help

try for once, they’ve got a massive collection of pictures. they’re from private photgraphers and not always good, from an arty perspective, but you can download every pixelsize up to 4mpx! and best of all: it’s free!

This site is great. Thanks instantjesus.

That Visipix site instantly rocks in my book! I love this:

*Nothing free for Microsoft and it’s employees!

All Microsoft companies and their employees are strictly forbidden to download and/or use visipix pictures from any source without a written permission by inc. and before prior payment.

The fee is 200-2000 $ US per picture. Cases of copyright violation will be prosecuted.
Whoever reports us a violation receives 50% of the sum the violator will have to pay us, which can be up to 100’000 $ US per downloaded picture.

We hate to exclude anybody on earth from visipix. But we always considered to exclude Microsoft because they are the exact opposite of visipix. They make maximum profit with the lowest quality. They only survive, because there is no product liability, even for the most terrible damage caused by poor software.
Now we learned, that Microsoft will abandon Java, trying to inflict maximum damage to anybody who dares to use products not made by Microsoft.
I decided to ban Microsoft and all it’s employees from the benefits of

Haha, that’s funny!..HEY, wait a second, I am a Windows user who loves Internet Explorer (The only version of windows I like is XP). Hmmm, so they are kind of making fun of me. Oh well, I still don’t have to pay to use the pictures, so they can make fun of me all they want :slight_smile:

I don’t think they’re addressing Microsoft users, but Microsoft applications and Bill Gates’ notorious company itself.

Bill Gates wants my mind!!! :o :o

I haven’t even looked at this site yet, but already I like these guys.

Alright, so I dislike Macs. Sure, I run Windows XP and IE. But the Microsoft corporate attitude irritates me.

There’s also some great, royalty free picture and clip art on Art Explosion CDs, but you do have to pay for these. If you’re woking for a company though, it comes in handy, as it’s £70 for 600,000 images, which is none too shabby.

My desktop publishing teacher had those cds. They were pretty great.

I also disagree with Microsofts corporate attitude, but hey, we use their stuff, so I guess we are stuck…haha.

here’s another site for you that I use once in a while:

Hope you find something you like,


Ah, yes, I have been here before. I didn’t have it saved in my favorites and I didn’t know the URL. It is an alright site, better than others I have seen.

It is an alright site, better than others I have seen.

Yep, that’s why i posted it.:stuck_out_tongue:


Uth :nerd: