Stomach trouble

Does any of you out there suffer from xtreme stomach trouble that day after a huge boozer?

Some get hangovers, I get a day’s worth of feeling sick and stuff, really yucky… Feeling like crap all day… urgh…

It’s only when I mix booze and beer…

Any ideas why? Or any ideas as to how I fix the poor stomach again?

And you keep doing this why?

B complex vitamins…

b-12 before bedtime will reduce your hangover exponentially…

take it from an old lush…


ahh… only thinking of it makes me feel bad!:*(
I feel sorry for ya!

I tell myself every time “I will NEVER drink that much again…”

“until the next time that is :P”

My gf was having some sorta “girls night” in an apartment… only 4 girls…

when I went to pick her up I just got invited in with them… hehe :sure:

Me and 4 girls :wink:

It WAS fun… then mw and my gf went home and poured some more into ourselves… urgh


Ahh, a cup of tea kinda helped :slight_smile:

I have never gotten a hangover or any problems the day after.

I don’t drink much though, I dedicate one day out of the year to drink :slight_smile: (and I don’t drink too much that day)

I never get hangovers when I drink or anything, but I herd Gatoraid (how ever you spell it…) works wonders because you can get dehydrated from drinking. Headaches are from your blood pressure rising way to much (think from your blood vessels or something getting out of whack), which you can ease with water or Gatoraid. Eating bread too, or crackers should ease the tummy. Lol, if you can, do ‘it’, takes your mind of your suffering :beam: Tylenol rules nods Don’t drink anything with caffine or something sugery. Eating greasy food will just plan mess ya up. Lol, best thing I herd, Yakasoba, from many many friends.

yes, “the next day”, being the hangover day, im really thirsty. i dont get hangovers, but i do get really thirsty. im a little out-of-sorts in the morning when i wake up, but after that im fine

I drink lots of beers every weekend. hangover is a rare thing for me, but my somach always regret the drinking:P my digesting sistem get all messed up, but we agree that is a fair trade.

My liver is the only part of me that got really angry, and left me a while ago:-\

i am with phill on this one…

and nimrod 8] this is a super hero=)

If you know you’re going to be drinking, leave a bottle of water near your bed. Drink some before you crash. Helps tons.

Thx Renn, i’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

and mdipi, I made that one, even I don’t know what it is… :stuck_out_tongue:


Go to your local Organic Vitamin store, buy a bottle of b-12, and set it next to your bed. Take one before you go out (if you can remember), or before you pass out (again, if you can remember), and you will have virtually no hangover, regardless of how you treat your body the night before (you still have to drink water to rehydrate yourself). That is why Gatorade works (b-12)…

No side effects, other than the color of #1



In Canada we have sure fire cure for the hang over. When u wake up start drinking again ( if you ever went to sleep that is). If you don’t sober up you can’t get hung over:beam:

Lol. That works too, but you gotta stop drinking at some point… right? :wink: If I didn’t have responsibilities and immune to liver and kidney damage, I would be perfect drunk 24/7. laughs

U mean u can stop drinking at some point:-\
Wow this is kind of a new idea.

Actualy stop drinking…:q:

Could this work… :q:

You may have just saved Canada
I’ll get back to you with the results

Rofl. Yea, but you gotta sacrafice a small hamster, or it won’t work. Rats and other small rodents are also usable, but it doesn’t have the same effect as a hamster. :beam:

I’ll just test it on humans. There are alot of possible test subjects out here. I’ll just lock someone in a room for 72 hours with no booze and if he doesn’t die then that will prove your little idea that you can stop drinking:beam:

Lol. Don’t forget to feed your test subject…