Stony kinda flower


after I messed it up:

Hope you like it. :beer:

Thanks again for the useful comments. I’m quite new to this stuff but having fun trying :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll like this one better

that last attachment is quite nice :slight_smile: I agree with sintax about the texture, sometimes subtle hints of textures and adjustments can make images that touch better…

Nice work, but whats passion got to do with a stoney flower?

it’s a so-called Passiflora species, or ‘Passion flower’ :slight_smile:

fair enough… :wink:

That last one is much better. Now that you can see the flower it has a focal point for the eye to be drawen too.

Yeah I agree, thanks again for the tips.

there’s just lots to learn for me… =)

btw. I love some of the pictures on your site, especially ‘dark rain’. That scratchy look is beautiful.

thanks, most every thing on that site is old. I need time to make v3.0 but i cna’t see that happening any time soon.

i like it, but i don’t really like the font… looks like the counter-strike font.