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Hi all…

If i had a group of objects say bouncing balls which are movieclips, each bouncing up and down independently to each other. If I wanted a ball to stop when the mouse hovered over it then to continue moving from its stopped postion once the mouse has passed it but while this is has stopped the other balls keep bouncing. Also I want the stopped ball to be a button. How would I go about achieving this?

Thanks for any help that you can throw in my direction!


Ah postatomic,

maybe I can help you:

  • Drag your mc(s) on the main movie, so many as you want
  • Give your mc’s instance names (ctrl-i) and call it ball 1(2-3)
  • Make an invissible button, ctrl-F8, put mouse on hit press f6 and draw a rectangle
  • back on main stage, drag the invissible button over your moving ball, by calling the libary ctr-l, drag it
  • now give the invissible button an action, right mouse click on ib > action, and put in:
    on (rollOver) {
    tellTarget (“ball”) {
    stop ();
    }on (rollOut) {
    tellTarget (“ball”){
    play ();}
    now you can add new actions to it, on_click…

Hope I helped you at a bit.


I included an example, without invissible button, but you can learn of it. :bandit:

Postatomic…cool name

From what i understand of your query you wanted your movie clips to be buttons right… here is how to do that.

Create a button and after that a movie clip. Drag the button into the movie clip and give it the animation you wanted (in this case i think u mentioned that u wanted it to bounce). then right click on the button and in the actions panel give the following actions

on (rollOver) {
stop ();
on (rollOut) {
play ();

After this go to the main movie time line and from the library drag the movie clip onto the stage and you’re all set. This should work and you can drag as many instances of the movie clip onto the stage as you like. You can also add the get url action…

Thanks I’ll give it a go later…fingers crossed!

thanks again