Storms in USA (more interesting than title suggests!)

Okay I’ve posted this before, but I thought that - as February is near its end - it would be appropriate to refresh your memories.

For those of you (read: every sane person here) who doesn’t remember what I’m talking about, see the original thread here.

USA is currently being hit by alot of storms and stuff, right? I just heard something about it on the news here (in Denmark), but they didn’t provide much detail, so I don’t even know if it’s anything extraordinary for February at all.

Read the bolded text down this post for the thrill of your life!
[whisper]or something[/whisper]

Sent 20.04.2014

My name is Yarachi. Time is short, so I must convey to you the information that I have through this old portal in the best way I can. I will try to explain something which you’ll find difficult to swallow. So I urge you to try not to analyze this information, but please just take this warning. This message is not a hoax. It is real, as you will soon come to realize through unfortunate events. My wish is that you forward this message as much as you can, as I am unable to do it myself.

Today is 20.04.2014. What you know as the Internet has evolved to a point where it can communicate electronically into the future, as well as into the past. As I type, I am facing a countdown. In two days, four hours and twenty minutes, the Internet (which has been renamed the “HHH” – Whorld Whide Wheb) may cease to exist. I cannot tell you why, but what is important is that this cannot happen. I have been provided evidence (even by myself) sent from 22.04.2014, but I did not explain in great detail. The message was short and vague. Maybe that was for a good reason. The only way we have any chance of stopping this is by sending this message back to you. If we provide too much information, our futures (and yours) may be in even greater jeopardy.

Once the Internet stops functioning, every city on earth will shut down. There will be no power, no crops, no food and no hope. I am an American, taking a risk by sending this message from a Geneva outpost portal. I was one of the few that were allowed to travel to Europe three years ago when America was cut off (shut down).

Tomorrow may be my last day on earth. I need to provide you with some historic facts so that you might take this message seriously; and hopefully prevent the world from being thrust back into the stone ages. Please accept these historical facts:

** 1). Feb 2007: Two hurricane’s will join together and form a megastorm. One storm will come from the Caribbean and the other will return from the north Atlantic. These two storms will be sucked together by an intensely electrified system heading west, which will cause electrical storms across the U.S. This storm will make hurricane Katrina look like a spring picnic.**

2). August 2007: An earthquake will destroy the west coast of the U.S.A. – A 100 Ft tidal wave will flatten everything in its path for 100 miles inland. Shockwaves and tremors have continued to worsen; even to this day.

3). January 2011: USA blames Russia, China and the non-aligned for a series of underwater atomic explosion in the North Pacific. This escalates into all out war; U.S.A. is shut down, but remains partially powered (unplugged) by several relatively new oil and gas operations, which it uses in an attempt to reinitiate its old power-grid.

Once these things happen, you will know that this message is not a hoax.


CERN’s particle accelerator is the engine behind IITTP (Internet Information Time Transfer Protocol). The first IITTP transmission is sent from 12:05 10.03.2010 to 12:04 10.03.2010 – Soon afterwards the world becomes a total mess. I don’t have the words to describe what as happened, nor do I really understand. Maybe the best word is confusion. Everything has become confused. Reality is like a dream – surreal. This can be prevented if: you, the users of the Internet refuse to install a device which will be marketed as the “ITP Mouse” or the “ITPM”. You can recognize this technology by the following factors:
It works for specific users only, by reading palm prints and flesh structure and the first model is called “MasterMouse”, manufactured by “Applied Digital” in cooperation with Microsoft.
It can read CIO-V chips and magnetic strips. CIO-V chips are inserted into the palm.
The U.N. will insist that this device be used by government agencies around the world as of Nov 2007 after a unanimous vote that all Internet users must be numbered and accounted for due to growing cyber-terrorism.
This device is an imperative key for the successful implementation of IITTP.

Do NOT purchase or agree to use this device!

I guess the fact that I am sending this message means that my attempt to inform you was unsuccessful. But then again, maybe that is why I sent the message to myself. I hope that the apparent rush I will be in this time in just over 50 hours from now means that I was successful. Time will tell. However, the message contained a P.S. – and I will leave it with you in just the same way that I left it with myself, because I really don’t know what it means.


P.S. Don’t put of for tomorrow what you can do today.