Finally! The powers back!

Jeesh - the power has been out for like 6 hours here, it’s crazy to think that you cant go ANYWHERE and get any food, supplies, use appliances… just wierd. Guess we are pretty spoiled :slight_smile:

my town has a curfew in effect tonight. 9 pm… no travel on the roadways…

What if you have to go to the toilet? One thats… very far away?

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uhmm… well I have to walk 7 steps to my toilet… I dunno about you English boys, but my toilet is in my house…

so I’ve heard :wink:

Be back in 30 mins, going to the toilet :sure:

back in a few hours! I’m off to bed! :beam: :love:

waves Say goodnight to your sister for me :sure: :stuck_out_tongue:

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*Originally posted by kirupa *
**…while the smell of freshly bbq-ed humans permeates the crisp, frozen air filled with the bang and clatter of the nomadic cannibals that make their home among the washed up seaweed that makes the frozen ground even more dangerous to the untrained feet of any normal human being not adept to the slippery, frozen path to the dreary “house of out” beyond the hill, across the bridge, under the tunnel, through a lagoon, and across the moor… **
bbq-ed humans?! I don’t know where you heard that about yorkshire! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just got power back a few minutes ago, a bit of a drag. hot humid beyond belief, although it afforded me some downtime to re acquaint myself
with a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio, Santa Marguerita. Oh sweet buzz.

I am guessing you guys are from NY. MY bro got effected from this crap. I have a feeling that it was all caused by the Blaster Worm Virus. It has been annoying people all over america. I believe that is what cause the black out. it’s obvious that alot of things run by a computer, so it may be that PSE&G must have wanted to connect to the network for somthing. THen boom all the turbines shut down ubruptly causeing damage and blowing out sensitive wires

aah… im finally online again :slight_smile:

hmm, i live north of hartford and everything was fine here, a split second outage but i was up in no time :-\ yet hartford was out for like the whole day.

sure shot thast nothing! i was out for over 12 hours one time! the power pole accrosse the street got struck by lightning and it took forever to get us back. :-\

I’m at work now. We’re on 13 hours now without power… generator is still kickin.

The deal with the outage, as far as I’ve heard was that it was caused by a lightning strike in Buffalo NY. At least that’s the official story.

wish me luck in here (about to pass out from the heat. 106 degrees in my shop.)

yah - around here there are still areas that do not have power yet… and it’s been like 15 hours. Pretty crazy.

It’s all a big consipericy I tells ya!

I got the power back at midnight just like promised (for ontario) but i didn’t get internet back untill about 3 hours ago.

I believe canada, it started in the US, what does everyone else think?

It was those **** Yankees! :slight_smile:

hahahah :slight_smile:

Oh… Yah… I ummm forgot :slight_smile:


HOw many times to I have to tell you idiots, its not seals, its tourists!

how can an outage in the big apple possible reach all the way to the big Snow cone