Story Behind the Famous Windows XP Wallpaper!

I have read various iterations of this story over the years, and it is still a great read when it resurfaces :grinning:

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That’s a blast from the past. I think in 95 I had a 386(Mhz) computer, then later a 686 on Windows 98 and in 2000 it was like Wow! you can get a Ghz processor and Window XP… :grinning:

Who remembers, Alta Vista and Ask Jeeves?

I miss my tower’s turbo button.

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I’ve heard the birds chirp the windows xp sound on that hill

Ah the cacophony


Do you remember mouses/ mice with the rubber balls that you could unscrew from the bottom, I used to throw the rubber ball at my brother… :grin:

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Yes to everything you all have mentioned here! A few more:

  1. Mice with cords
  2. USB speakers
  3. Turbo buttons
  4. Pentium II, Pentium MMX, Pentium Pro, Pentium III
  5. Windows NT

I really don’t have much memory of the turbo button, but looking at images it does bring up a vague memory of what i think was indeed a turbo button that I ignored. It sounds so very spinal tap “this goes to 11”

Next gen machines should have not one, but 2 turbo buttons. :rocket:

I still use a mouse and keyboard with a cord (who can be bothered with batteries :grin:) and I still have USB speakers. And my internet is CAT6 to the modem… :grin:

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same, but when the world wireless system comes on-line we can untether ourselves.

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