Windows RG (Really Good Edition)

Tried searching, didnt see it.

I got a kick out of this.

Pretty cool, the “Blow em up again” button is a nice touch :slight_smile:

EDIT: The new link is old, but still mildly amusing :wink:

I like how the time keeps changing :stuck_out_tongue:

isn’t this like 3 years old? but it’s so funny! the paper clip is such a funny guy hahah :stuck_out_tongue:

Its funny because the update part was what happened to me and forced me to update to windows xp, it just so true. I’m almost afraid to patch windows xp.

hehe, really funny

both funny, and realastic! :P, nice find

:lol: so true.

HAHAHA super funny


Apparently there arn’t any Windows people in this thread. lol

Personally since XP i havent had any problems with my PC that i wouldnt have with OsX or something. They’re all flawed. Microsoft is just bigger. If apple was the number one company in the world, people would hate them too lol

rofl. Yea the paperclip guy is the best part.

I just cant wait till os/2 Gets an Update… You’ll see it’ll come… And then I’ll be laughing! … =) hehe


I don’t want to make this a mac vs. windows thread, BUT, don’t you find it strange that bill gates said that microsoft office works better on a mac? that by itself could lead one to the conclusion that mac’s are not just smaller and would be bad if they were on top, but that it really is a better os :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, I run xp and admit, it’s better, but still not nearly as good as even the beginning of macosx, and not even close to what tiger’ll be :slight_smile:

:pa: That’s so… 2001.

…exactly why i’m getting a…



You just made it a mac vs. windows ! lol joking…

Yea i do find it strange, but i also think its because they built it from the ground up. ALot of the same code that was in office 95… still lingers in office xp… just the way of things… And im sure longhorn (future windows OS) will be really really sturdy and fast etc. Personally I dont care. but all my apps are on my pc and Macs are too expensive. and i hate that Apple manages their own hardware instead of licenseing it out… like IBM did (cause they didnt realize anything would happen) but Never the less, both companies are rich and do stupid things. PC’s are more of a target cause there is more of them and virus writters write viruses that will impact the majority. But Macs are fast, i like them, i like the Unix side of it now, No complaints. I use what i need to get a job done. thats it, no sense in arguing hehe =)


Ya I saw this awhile ago, still funny.