Story board limitations

hi in my project i have to create a story board.
but the problem is when i run the story board…

summary of my story board::::
its in c#, only hav one storyboard

[ i have to move shapes(labels) around 10 labels(shapes) from top to bottom in a canvas]
[it should be according to user choice that is
–> if user choose 3… then only 3 lables(shapes) should move after that the next 3 sets of labels(shapes) should move and so on til it reach de end …

i have given it in a for loop and calling it evry time…
but in my sotryboard

—>>> all the usershapes moves at the same time
–>>ie it does not wait for first 3 shapes(labels) infact al the labels moves at the same point of time
—>>according to my protocol only after 3 shapes(labels) moves completly then only the next 3 label should move