Strange behaving swapDepths

Iw been playing around with the swapDepths tutorial here on Kirupa, and i got it to work fine. But i got some really strange bug when i wanted to move forward a frame. I will explain:

I have a MC called button > in that MC theres 3 small MC´s called pink, green, blue and each contains a button with a rollOver effect.
The 3 MC´s are placed in frame one of the MC button. But here comes the strange part:

I want to make a second frame where one of the 3 buttons is locked in its rollOver mode, no biggy, i just made it into a flash vector gfx and put it in a layer over the buttons.
But here is where the MC´s becomes very strange. I have this syntax on all the buttons in fram 1:

on (rollOver) {
_root.x +=2;

And i also have

on (press) {

on the first button just to see if my ide works. But when i press the button and jump to frame 2 the middle button dissapears and the first button stays in place even tho i have removed it from the frame???

So my question is, how can u solve this AND is there a better way? Like make a if() statment that handles the button MC´s instead of changing frames?

And one more thing > if i want an object to stay on top EVEN tho im useing the swapDepths synstax, how do i need 2 to? Since placing a item in a higher layer dosnt work…

Hope theres someone that can help me…
(file is attached)