Strange behavior in AS3 lite remoting framework

I have made a mod for the popular AS3 remoting framework that handles the results then make a dataprovider if it’s a recordset. Due to a strange dispatchEvent it has bugs.

To follow along download my mod version of the framework here.
Place the frame work in your core code directory. You can use my amfphp that I have up for this test to follow a long.

here the document code.
import com.dannypatterson.remoting.*;

var serviceProxy:ServiceProxy;

serviceProxy = new ServiceProxy(“”, “test_service”, true, “AMF0”);
serviceProxy.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, onRec, false, 0, true);

function onRec(e:ResultEvent):void {

Place a break on line 56 of ResultEvent and debug.

[INDENT]you will see how the event is triggered the first time with the result datatype of an object. but for some reason the class Operation make a “dispatchEvent(new ResultEvent” on line 66 re-dispatching the same event again for a second time. This time around the same results come back as an Array datatype which breaks the logic.
I don’t understand the role Operation and OperationPool. Any ideas why it’s redispatching the same event over with different datatypes for the same results?