Strange glitch with XML dynamic loading

Greetings everybody, I have a site, in which im having a strange glitch in, its at and I’m wondering, why when i go to the gallery page, i follow that tutorial on this site about the XML dynamic loading of images…now as u can see I have a terrible inconsistency with the images loading…if you follow … thats the SWF im dynamically loading in the main SWF…the rest of my pages work fine, im loading externaly swfs in those, that are dynamic contant scrolls that work off txt files and parse HTML, those work perfict, but like i said, if u follow the link to gallery the XML gallery is VERY glitchy, while i go too to the swf itself and it loads perfect…does it have to do with loading that swf externally? does that not let XML load? or due to some preload functions in the loader did it screw up my gallery when viewed externally?

so to sum it up…why isnt gallery.swf displaying correct when displaying threw the main swf? and why does it display correct if u go straight to it?

i need a fix for this, its driving me CRAZYYYYYY!!!

PLEASEEEEE someone help me!!! you can reply to this, Email me, PM me, or AIM me at ThebisRa…PLEASEEE!!! haha thanks guys!

-Mike =D