Stray cat

I was working on the pc a week ago, late at night, and i heard this noise outside my window… i looked and it was a black cat meowing and pawing at the screen… this confused me… because i have a black cat… so i looked and Skylar was sleeping on the couch… so i went outside and he followed me in the house… he was real friendly… but there was something weird about him… his butt was shaved… and his buds had a scab on it. I came to the conclusion that he was a stray from the the apartments that burned down across from mine, and a local group did a catch and release neuter.

He comes around every now and then to eat, sleep on my patio, and get out of the cold. Skylar… my black cat… he’s gay, he keeps on trying to molest teh poor guy… Monster, my grey kitty, she throws a fit… hides and growls for the rest of the day.

I don’t know why i posted this… but i just think its funny, having a hobo cat.