Strike through button

can anyone tell me how I can make the button have a strike through mark after it has been pressed.

You could have a clip with 2 frames in it, one with the normal button, and one with the mark on it. You put a stop() in the first frame, and you make your clip gotoAndStop (2) on (press).

pom :slight_smile:

since its already a button, instead of going through the long process offered by ilyas, when you double click on it after converting to symbol you could add a keyframe then change it however you want. I hope that helps

Thanks Ilyas for the reply!

I just dont understand where to put the goto action. Do I put it on the first frame of the clip or attach it to the clip. Do I put the clip in a button? Where do I then put my goto action that takes me to the frame I want to play after I pressed the button.

greets Seb;)

Maybe this helps