Struggling SO much with a simple mask/scene change

Hello everyone.

I have a deadline for tomorrow afternoon, and I have set myself up for trouble. I don’t have much experience with flash and part of my project includes creating a web banner that is somewhat interactive.

I want to create a simple static image on a 392 x 72 document. When you move your mouse over the image, it changes to a black screen with a cursor following mask in the shape of binoculars which reveals an image below (not the same image as static one). There is going to be a clickable monster which takes you to the next scene and from there, the next scene.

I have attached a storyboarded idea of my banner. I have the images, I am just struggling with the ActionScript code.

Click on the image to see comments on right hand side.

Any help would be hugely hugely hugely hugely appreciated.

Thank you,