Stuck in Drag + removeMovieClip Flash 8

Dear people,


I have problem in making sample of coin drag and drop assignment.

The situation is this:

  1. Everything was fine - until generated randomly duplicate and attachMC and so on.

  2. The Coin appears well

  3. The Dragging also well go

  4. But… when it comes to release the mouse and drop it on certain area (done by collision test function) - it failed to erase itself (removeMovieClip).

I have tried several method and did trial and test.

Apparently my duplicated coin MC sampling name is a10.

So, the flash naturaly generates number behind it.

As it generates… it becomes instance10, instance15, and so on - or - litterally a1010, a1015 and so on.

But if I put statement to erase a coin that is not being dragged by statement for example:


it works!

But, if I mean the coin which is just being dropped onto a certain collision area,

It won’t do the removeMovieClip();

Please kindly advise me on the work,

I will attach the source fla.8 file. in ZIP file

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

  • Lazy Girl