Stupid marketing Tricks

I kinda want to rant a bit… well im more curious to what other little marketing things people have ran into…

So i start with…

1000 Free Hours of free AOL…
And thats only per month.

So, like many do when they are perplexed, i did the math…
even in 31 days (which is the most you can have in a month)
you can only use 744 hours, providing you’re there 24/7

I pitty people who fall for this. lol

lemme know what other markething things makes no sense yet people got for it =)

lol… I’m surprised… you’re the first person to mention that to me.

LOL, I was in that same boat Raydred. I got an AOL cd that was offering 4000 hours for 2 months. I was like…that makes no sense! I threw it out though, I had AOL to start with and I hated it with a passion.

Hmmm, other ads that make no sense…

How about when packages of Potato chips and bottles of sodas have contest and they say “Details Inside, no purchase neccessary”. I mean, if you ask me, you have to buy it to get the details inside right?

lol… that’s legal mumbo jumbo. What it means is, if you send a letter to the company, they’ll send you a free game piece or whatever the offer is, without you having to open a bag. It does sound funny said that way though.

That is how they all say it though. It makes no sense to me. Why can’t they just say “No purchase neccessary…details BELOW”? Or at least “Mail us at…blah blah blah”

I don’t see anything wrong with buy one get one free. After all it says BUY ONE get one free. So you buy one, then you get the second one free. I dunno, I suppose I am just too used to the phrase:)

Call within 15 minutes and this useless gadget that comes along with this larger useless gadget will be Free
Gotta love that one. I don’t think there is any way these shopping places know at what time an ad appeared to start counting down the time. Besides, if a product is so great, why ship a free thing to make it more appealing. On a side note, Billy Mays (the oxyclean guy) is probably a bigger celebrity than the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Yep, so true! =)

Buy one CD and get a bazillion CDs plus a life-size poster of Mini-Me free"
First, a lifesize poster of Mini-me isn’t really all that big lol. Also, the shipping and handling charges for each of the bazillion CDs you order (eventhough they all come in one box) is outrageous. You end up paying a lot for the bazillion CDs eventhough you only REALLY wanted to listen to only two CDs. But it’s free…and if it is free it must be good. There is always such a thing as free lunch.

I’ll try to come up with a few more stuff after I watch TV for a bit. I’m going to get Billy Mays’s autograph if he does a publicity tour near Home Depot sometime lol.

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate all those 9.99 prices, all that just so it doesn’t say 10, which sounds more than 9…
In France, before the Euro, there was no 1 cent coin, smallest (and worth nothing) was 5 cent(ime)s, but you’d still get X.99 prices and how were they s’posed to give you change back then?

Also, the small print for “batteries not included” which you only notice once you get back home and wanna use that stupid thing…

Or insurances…whenever something really happens, and you call 'em for reimbursement, well , just this particular case/ condition is excluded or has to paid for extra, so you get back nothing!

Hey Phil,

I get what your saying a little bit, but you still would be getting the second one free, you just have to buy the first one. So I am half and half on that one. I think something that demonstrates what you are trying to say is when you get a cereal box that offers a free cd. But the catch is that you need like 2 proofs of purchase and the cost of shipping and handling. Not very free to me. It will costs like $15 just to get it.

I think Phil is on the Nose with that free thing. They ussually slowly mark things up too, by a few cents or dollars and then offer “free” stuff which the markup covers the cost and more.

and besides everything is marked up significantly!


Well I was born in america, and have lived here all my life, but as i think that america is great (which it is in comparison to some countries) I still think we have a long way to come. Actually America is still very corrupt, just not corrupt in the open as much…

Im really non political but get upset with some marketing stuff… The reason why is because some companys assume that people are stupid and do stupid marketing tricks… Well most people are stupid and thats why they work lol =)

oh and i hate those .87 and .97. should be rounded off numbers (just for ease of use) hehe and i wish tax was factored in to the product! so when you went to buy something for a dollar, its a dollar =)

I know one magical place that has no sales tax and that you can buy something at face value… this place is called… Montana…
i wish i was closer to montana like i was a few years ago…

Deleware has no sales tax (at least they didn’t last time I was there, laws change quick nowadays). And it is very nice there.

Phil, I do get your point on buy one get one free, but I think I would get the other one “free” then actually have to buy 2:) That was the angle I was looking at it from. After considering your angle of the situation I see that it really doesn’t make sense. But I will still rather get the other one “free” then have to pay for 2:P

PS: Sorry for bombarding:(

Bombarding? =)

Finally…Raydred comes to the rescue.

Well after reading then then the following line about him being bombarded as soon as he turned on the tv. I just realized I was bombarding his opinion, so I wasn’t making things much better.

Oh hehe =)

I thought you were bombarding on my oppinion and i was confused lol.

well when am i not confused lol =)
Its all gooed… i mean good =)