Stupid photoshop question :(

i dont know how to get rid of that slicing label on top left, it’s so annoying.Sometimes photoshop 7 can be really annoying.Grrrr

Have no problem saving images, it shows in edit mode and sometimes hide the content.

thanks in advance.

ctl H.

or to remove them completely.

View / Show / Slices …

select it to untick it.

ah man, thanks a ton for that.
it’s gone, so easy but sometimes we slip out easiest of stuff.

thanks again man :slight_smile:

no probs dude :wink:

Seems this question gets asked a bit… reflects poorly on PS design/interface?

true that its asked alot , i dont agree thats its poor design/interface. once you turn it off you will forget about it, unless you use that tool. it just something to aid u, with slices. easy to turn on and off.

but how does it get turned on in the first place? Obviously not conciously.

if you want to be picky, lol. yes it is activated when you first load photoshop , its the webdesign aspect of photoshop 7 they were selling, so i would expect all the web features to be in full flight off the bat, but tell me a application that you opened and didnt need to rearrange some windows and turn on and off some setting. Its all about setting up your workspace to your requirements.

is that really on by default?

yeah, from what i remember when i last installed photoshop fresh on a formatted hardrive. i think that was only photoshop 6 and 7.

if it is on by default it is like a random thing. I just re-did my cpu and it is not there…But I do remember me asking the same question and it was there by default. hmmmmm…go figure.

It’s now off by default in PS CS, (thankfully). Also, taggling selection visibility no longer shows the slices either.

*Originally posted by jimhere *
**It’s now off by default in PS CS, (thankfully). Also, taggling selection visibility no longer shows the slices either. **
Yep your right… and Photoshop now call them extras. where you can turn them all completely on or off, or individually toggle “extras” on or off. (grid, slices, selected edges, annoatation, guides, taget paths.)


slices were a part of “extras” in 6 and 7 too

Does PS7 come with ImageReady, or are its features built in to the PS interface???

yeah photoshop 7 comes with image ready, as does image ready cs with photosho cs.

its not build in to the photoshop interface, but is active from the photoshop tool bar, switch to image ready, and files are compatible between each application. so on the fly you can switch to each application and work.

which I think is dumb. I mean how many similarities are there between photoshop and imageready? Lots! Why create that redundancy with 2 applications when you can just put it in 1? Fireworks handles it well enough on its own.

true, true indeed.

but you can debate that adobe are giving this free with photoshop , and some people like photographers do not need the web design tools image ready has. and so not to congest the workspace of photoshop, serperate the two apps to make them specialise in particular task.