Photoshop Extras

As you know doing View > Extras (ctrl + H) makes the slices ect visible and unvisible. Here’s the problem. Everytime I load up photoshop and create a new image I have this very faint blue line surrounding my canvas. Obviously to get rid of it I just ctrl + H it. Thing is when I close photoshop with extras off and load up again the slight blue line is back again.

This is a tiny issue, I know, but its been bugging me so I’m wondering if anyone has experienced it before or knows how to get rid of it.

you need to set this to not show…you do this in your preferences…got to edit>preferences>general…I believe it is in there somewhere

Had gone through the preferences and I’ve looked again: not about to find an option for it.

Its no biggy, just it never happened before. I’ll just ctrl + H everytime I start a new session. Unless I locate the file that saves all the layouts and things like that. I could delete it and photoshop would generate the default for me? You got any idea what it’s called?

I have the same problem… I got rid of it once and can’t remember how. Now it’s back again…

Well, you can get rid of the small number in the top left by going to Edit > Preferences > Guides, Grids & Slices and then unchecking “Show Slice Numbers”. By “get rid of” I mean you can stop it showing up every time you create / load a file.

My best bet would be that you can find the answer by searching for info. concerning the “Guides, Grids & Slices” in the help file…
I have the same problem :/.

Good luck,

all you do is go into view / show / then go to slices and select it, if its a circle , select it and go back it should now be a tick, select it again, and the next time you go back it should be blank.

Now when you work you wont see the slicing. And it should save the setting so will be fine after a restart of the app.


:::note ::: To apply this setting you must be working in a document.

Nice one Souly, that did the trick. :slight_smile:

No problems dude .

Btw:: Its Soulty. :wink:

I’ve got to get my eyes tested, me thinks, or slow down a touch :slight_smile: