Stupid piece of crap

I was trying to upload a picture from my digital camera onto my computer and I hooked up my camera thru the USB and the fker shorted out the USB connection…why? why would it do that? why under normal use would the fking bastard short out!?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

ok…i’m done…

I could read the text title and knew it was you. But dont hold back by any means, tell us, for posterity sake, how this makes you feel…


Could have been hand sweat, who knows? Sorry to hear about that…

Was the connection made while either the camera or the PC was on?

I know USB connections are “supposed” to be hot-swappable but I never trust them. I severly crashed a Mac connecting a hot USB connection and almost lost my hard drive.

…not that this helps your situation too much…

Is the camera under warranty?


as far as i know its under warranty. The PC was on, and the camera was on…I was following the instructions in the manual for the camera. The folder containing the pics opened ok, and when I went back to “My Documents” to paste the picture, my mouse stopped working…I noticed that the lights on it (its optical) were off, and then my whole computer froze. So I restarted. My mouse worked fine, but I couldn’t get the camera to connect right…the camera is working fine…but the computer doesn’t seem to notice the camera is there.

I have made a discovery! Ok, so the USB wasn’t shorted out after all. But for some reason wasn’t working last night. Anywho…the computer still doesn’t read the camera. But the camera works fine in all the other modes, so I’m thinking that the cable is wacked out…but if thats whats wrong then I am not giong to keep buying new cables when I am doing everything right…I swear…I have the worst luck with computers…and I don’t do anything wrong with them…I download music…run Flash and AIM, occasionally I play a game, but other than that my computer is only used for writting papers. Its not like I’m asking this thing to launch nuclear missles!! I want it to operate like a normal computer and stop f**king with me!!!1