Well and truly fecked?

My computer… :frowning:

I tried to turn it on yesterday morning, and the lights came on for about a second, then they went off, I assumed that I had nudged the power cable out or something, so I pushed them all back in, but nothing happened, I went to shower, came back, thought id give it one more shot before I went out. WOOHOO, it came on, only the lights on the base, the mouse didnt connect, neither did the monitor or the keyboard. Then the base started making a high pitched sound, and I got a distinct whiff of burning rubber :frowning: .
I tried holding the pff button for 5 secs, but it just made it worse… I had to un plug from the mains, but even when I plug it back in, it just continues where it left off !

I think my house is gonna blow up ! Its not an old computer, so it shouldnt really be doing this.