Stupid things you've done today!

We have all kinds of threads about things that happen on a daily basis or what you are listening to and stuff like that, so why not take a little extra time a day to point out or own stupidity?

So today in my Health class(learn all about healthy habits and relationships and all that good stuff, don’t smoke, etc.) we had a guest speaker from the Battered Relationship Clinic Doohingy (BRCD). Well she had us do a little pre-survey to see how much we knew and stuff and the first question was a true or false question. She asked who put true and everyone but me raises their hand. She asks about false, and then I’m the only one that raises a hand, various giggles are emitted from the room. Then she stares at me and I’m like shizzle what do I say? So I was like “Uh oh, are you going to beat me?” HOW STUPID AM I? That’s really gotta be one of the all time stupidest things I have said. Anyway I ended up being right (Ha, take that stupid class) and she took my stupid comment well and she ended up liking me. Phew… I’m am such a dumb expletive.