Suggestions Please

For a name for my home website. I am, as they say, stuck.

I was going to go for, but some b****r has nicked that already. No site there naturally, just ‘registered for a client’. Pah.

The name if my site is “SykoPage” :slight_smile: (not ready yet)
maybe this could give ya some ideas :slight_smile:

What kind of site, what theme, what content exactly? Sorry if you said it already.

pom :asian:

What kind of site, what theme, what content exactly?

does it matter?

Well, I haven’t said before, so no apologies needed. :slight_smile:

It’s really going to be just the usual - a few examples of my work, stuff I’ve done, stuff I’m working on, ‘how to’ in Flash or HTML. And the obligatory little bit about me, which I’m hoping will be well hidden. :slight_smile:

So far my favourite idea is Denial Revisited… isn’t taken.

Are all available. Hope one of these strikes your fancy.
(I hope that doesnt mean anything bad in London)

Cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions guys. It’s really weird, I’ve spent ages making stuff for other people, but when it comes to doing my own site, I’m stuffed. :slight_smile:

Haha, I know how you feel. Whenever I would try to come up with a layout for my site, I would always end up coming up with a layout for my friends site. I have no clue how or why. I just start something and say “hey, this would be great on his site” then finish it.

I tend to hate the layouts I make for myself. I change them every couple of months…haha. Eh, I am just babbling right now.

I liked the layout you showed before, in another thread.

Thanks. :slight_smile: Would you believe though, that now that site design is going to be used for something else… You’re not the only one who has that problem. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I like the ‘No Wings No Halo’ idea, so I’ve gone with that for the time being. The zip is my current design idea…

Very nice kit. Simple yet elegant…I likes.

I just joined this site yesterday, everyone who has written on this paticular post has alot of talent. The site you just put up is really nice. I hope to learn alot from you guys.
I’ve attached a little something that I’ve been working on I just reached a block though, hope you guys like

Amiridon: Nice 3d work, you definitely did reach a block though…haha.

Kit and Amiridon: Hopefully you get that block unstuck and those ideas start pouring out:)

I totally missed your selection for a site name


Be carefull, if you wanna buy a domain name and look for availability, and then it is ok and you don’t buy it immediately, I have the weird feeling that someone (who??!!) is checking every request, and buys those domains if you don’t, happened to me a few times already!
And then you really kick yourself in the …wherever for not having bought it, and that someone even more for having done so, specially if you type in the domain, and there’s nothing there anyway, looks like they just wanna piss / rip you off!

code:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------What kind of site, what theme, what content exactly?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
does it matter?

I think this really matters. The name suggest what the site is going to be about or reveals the personality, likes and dislikes of the person-webmaster. Don’t you think??

The same thing happens when you choose a nick. Or when you read a nick. You figure a person, how is he-her, even if is a he or a her… :stuck_out_tongue: