Suggestions to make Scottys Gallery just better!

For i while now I am working on Scottys exelent Photo Gallery on my webpage.

With the help off Scotty i have make some buttons that the have a activ and a visited status

My problem & maybe a suggestion how to develop this exelent gallery is
that my buttons are not created from a XML file but they are movieclips…50 off them

My dream is to make the buttons like them in
with thumbs & everything but still keep the activ and a visited status

A other think is update the Gallery online
I have play with SSPAdmin where you can create and update new gallerys and images with data everything online. How aout to create a Slideshow that can read the xml file from SSPAdmin ?
Take a look…

Other suggestion will be to can put a picture in a bean , like favorite picture, so that later you can send it via ecard or order it via PAYPAL or…etc…

They are only suggestion that i think will make a great gallery just mutch better
For me I just need thumbs like slideshowPro :slight_smile: