Super Smooth!

Check this site!

It’s seriously smooth (although what do you expect for a web design company)

It’s a cool site but for some reason I am just bothered when there is the designer has a proffesional feel but them bits and peices look cartoonish that is just my personal preference though.

Hahaha ( silent gurgle) youre kidding right ?

Aliased text, Floating images, Incorrect grammar on the rollovers ( What turns you on) , Services rollover ( Whet your appetite?) - for an agency no less…

Some kool ideas, waves rolling, page transititions, but very badly executed ( hope I havent insulted anyone - sorry Just my 2 cents)


:lol: I’m with pixi on this one. Smooth is definitely not the word I’d use to describe that site.

looked like a poorly designed html site to me :frowning: I wasn’t too impressed

its doesnt have that flash appeal…i agree with nirvana, it does look very html.

this is a waste of flash IMO. The colors are drab. Grammar errors. This is obviously not a serious venture for someone.

hopefully not :stuck_out_tongue:

mmmm, not a site for kool sites, and whats up with that fish in the portfolio?!?!

moved this to showcase and crit…this is not a cool site.


All in favour say Aye!

Aye! :lol:

LMAO, wow… Ace you are banned from choosing sites :to:


Actually, there’s nothing wrong with “whet your appetite”. It’s a common error for people to use “wet” instead of “whet” in this case.

whet tr.v.

  1. To sharpen (a knife, for example); hone.
  2. To make more keen; stimulate: The frying bacon whetted my appetite.

^^^^ smartbum ^^^^

:pleased: I won 3 spelling bees back in the day.

Back to the “super smooth” site though, I can’t understand why it says HOME in the top right corner, but it’s not a button or anything… :h:

[EDIT] Oh nevermind, I get it. It’s the section… So when it says Introduction HOME it really means you’re in the Introduction subsection of the HOME section. Which is not very obvious until you click on SERVICES or PORTFOLIO or something.

any babies you have come across must have pretty unsmooth butts

:lol: all hail queen spelling bee

I’m going to speak to the proper authority and request that he rethinks you k-team non-affliated cult member title. :lol:

<<<<Geek :lol:

Btw would you mind speell checking this post

You spelled “spell” wrong, and you did not properly capitalize “All” and “BTW”. You also used the word “you” instead of “your” and you missed a question mark (a.k.a. an interrogation mark) at the very end of your post.
I believe K-Team Non-Affiliated Cult Member should be capitalized as well, but it’s really Ethan’s decision.
In addition to being a three-time spelling bee champion, I can also be somewhat of a grammar nazi. :stuck_out_tongue:

<< geek * 2 (spelling/grammar, math) :lol: