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don’t gorget to make an account in the forum it would really help out! thanks… feedback please!

I noticed that nobody had submitted anything to date Armed with with my limited experience and skills I can say the following:

You have some great examples of other peoples’ work and the design layout is simple and clean, qualities that I promote.

My only criticism is that the site is badly written your first paragraph reads:

Enter the simple version of the site. All the content are the same but are presented to you in a more simple way.

You may not be fussed about grammar etc but it takes something away from your site if there are stupid errors, people remember these not the content.

Also you could consider other browser types and screen resolutions. The advantage of flash for example is that the contents are scalable depending on the size of the broswer window.

I still like the site and reckon you could move on from here.

Not much to see but the colors are cool calm and relaxed. It is a bit too text heavy for me so I did not read everything. I spend all day writing code so I dont like to read alot. But you have a nice foundation. I did not comment in your forum sorry.

I would bet heavily on the presumption that almost all English speaking web users understand the idea being conveyed when using the term “simple”. I was somewhat taken back by using this and then explaining to me what a “simple” site was using the word “simple” in the definition. My answer is “simply” to remove it and stick with the HTML verses Flash site introductions.

Secondly, where’s the “complicated” site? I mean this only as construction criticism only. If your site isn’t 5% complete and the issue being address when checking out your site isn’t about a design issue, action scripting error, etc… then wait until it is. I was thinking there would be more to it than what you presented.

Also, I quit reading (at first) after you changed tense in the first sentence. When was this site presented? I believe in the philosophy that site designs may be lacking, but grammatical errors can easily be remedied by the spell checker. Just my two cents.

So far it reads like a few weblogs I sift through occasionally. Actually, the CSS looks almost identical to one…

Keep it coming, I’d like to see how the “complicated site” looks when you’re ready.

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Okay, I gave it another chance just to make sure I wasn’t being harsh… And I wasn’t. You’ve linked the text area as well as the text for forum, simple, etc… on the front page. Are you using tables? What about a header? Footer? It loks as if you’ve put it in the left frame accidently. I didn’t view the source.

Also, I DID go back to check the forum that is located at (just to prove I did)… I wanted 10 secs on a T1 connections and closed it out… Sorry.

Keep it coming and good luck!

The link didn’t work for me :frowning:

I c… well i change the whole site and its pretty easy to understand… thanks for all the tips etc…

new colors, new looks, still working on the content. forum is up. so submit your site it would really help…

once again thanks for the tips.

same url and go down to change the wallpaper…

i am aware of breezeland lag… i really can’t do anything about that. I have change web host. The bad spelling and grammer was due to the fact that i was rushing.

i don’t take your message as an offence. your helping to pick out the errors telling me the “full” story. That really helps improve the site. thanks.

everything is workin. tell me if the forum lags.

Nice color combo, but the links are so small it took me a while to find them, so keep working!!!:wink:

thanks… you mean the text links??

anyone interested in a link exchange? contact me at [email protected]