Supra... Anyone?

I made a movie where I’m dragging a mask…\r(_x = _mouse\rand _x = _xmouse*-1)\ryou know…\rbut the picture that is masked appears in theupper-left corner so only quarter of the picture is in the movie…\rI made it the exact same way and the exact same way as the tutorial (clouds) but … :frowning: \rAny help would be appreciated…

so the masked movie is moving but not the movie of the masked movie?\r\rin your post you wrote “_mouse” which should probably read “_xmouse”, was that a typo?\r\rthose two lines of code are from different places in your movie, right?\r\rit’s hard to troubleshoot without seeing your code, post your fla somewhere i’ll take a look at it.\r\rcheers.

That was a typo :slight_smile: \rok so here are the actions… located on a mc (the whole system: masked pic, mask…)\r[ “mb” is the masked picture in the mc ]\r\ronClipEvent(enterFrame) {\r_x = _xmouse;\r_y = _ymouse;\rmb._x = _xmouse*-1\rmb._y = _ymouse*-1\r\rIt works fine but… the masked pic appears in the corner\rIt appears there no matter where I put it…\rso only the lower-right corner of the masked pic is visible\rwhat should I do???

try using the x/y coordinates relative to _root:\r

 \r\ronClipEvent(enterFrame) {\r\r   _x = _root._xmouse;\r\r   _y = _root._ymouse;\r\r   mb._x = _root._xmouse*-1\r\r   mb._y = _root._ymouse*-1\r\r}

its no use

Oops… solved the problem… Thanx Anyway!\r—\rby the way do you know where I can get some webpage domains for myself to upload some stuff?

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