Supra WIP

I just wanted to share my latest WIP. This model is based on a Castrol Supra. Still lots to do but i’m getting there.
In the earlier shots i was having a problem with shadows and smoothing.

Here’s the progression…

oh yeah, model done in Swift3d V4

slowly but surely…

well, i was able to do a few small things, the lights front and tail, grill (i may change it…i’m not lliking the way it looks right now) and some smoothing out of the body, there’s still afew bumps to smoothen out.

I was just messing around with some ideas for graphics and i was thinking how i was going to approach doing it. so here’s some examples. the graphics are kinda all over the place, like on the door it gets cut off, cause iwas tired and lazy!!! but i just wanted to get a feel for it.

I’m still modeling some more parts and of course the graphics will look better…eventually.

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