+My first Swift 3D model+

Take a look!! there are a some details missing and I don´t know why my preloader it´s not working so wait to see the car spin, thanks and tell me what do u think!!


woaahhhh it spinning too much, i m gettting diizzzyyy…:crazy:

:stuck_out_tongue: cool job, pretty nice for your first try. just try to slow down that spinning. :wink:

thanks Soulty!! yeah I know I´ll slow it down…

my first model was a cube :-\ This one beats it :slight_smile:

yeah man same here…lol nice job.

hehe, my first model was a cube to but I decided to export only something nice, and this is the first time I export a work

I got swift 3D for two days now:)

pritty awesome 4 a lame *** programm like swift.

But why does only one side have stripe’s on the side.

yes there´re some details missing, I´m working on it right now

I think its fantastic it even has a steering wheel!

Nice! you have lines in one side of the car and in the other side no lines. But is great i wish i could do that.

Nice work dude!

pritty awesome 4 a lame *** programm like swift.

Can YOU use it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for all the nice replies, I didn´t expect it!:smirk: