SUSHI - What in the world is wrong with you people!

I was about to spam the hell out of Disco’s going to Japan thread…but decided to start a new topic.

[size=1]pssssstt…legal shrooms![/size]


I mean seriously… WTF

Would you eat raw chicken, beef or a deer you blasted in the woods with a 30/30 and the wound still smoldering?

no you wouldnt.

And why?

Because you would be (and considered by others to be) ** a sick bastard**…thats why!

What makes the most disease prone (dead) animal okay to eat that way?

I love seafood… I mean love it :drool:

But I would rather eat all the dookie out of a port-a-pottie from a 2 night Ozzfest show than toss a single piece of uncooked fish in my face.

Now I have eaten everything from moose, to ostrich to buffalo. Some were good, and some left something to be desired… but at least all went in the fricking oven first

{blows chunks at topic alone}