Swap depth of JPGs, is it possible?

We can swap depths of movie clips… ok…what about JPGs?
I have an empty MC where I want to load images from an array and then starts swapping thier depths.
Here is the script I use for loading them and the script I wans hoping will work for swapping thier depths:
onClipEvent (load){
var image_arr = new Array “1.jpg”,“2.jpg”,“3.jpg”…,“7.jpg”);
for (var i=0;i<image_arr.length;i++)
loadMovieNum(image_arr*, i);
trace ("loaded image " + image_arr* + " in level " + i) }
onClipEvent (enterFrame){
trace (this + image_arr[5]);
this.image_arr[5].swapDepths (6);

How would I swap the depth of image 6 (image_arr[5].) and have it come to the surface?

if the jpg is in a movieclip, use swapdepths on the movieclip. if its not, put it in one.

Hey!, thanks for answering.
I actually learned that once you load more than 1 jpg into a movie clip, you can’t start effecting the images there.
So I actually did as you suggested. I loaded images to seperate movie clips