Swf loadmovies problem!

Hi everyone!

I have a main movie (main.swf) which contains 2 buttons such as Home and Portfolio and each of them load some external swf files like (but1 = loadmovie(movie1.swf), but2 = loadmovie(movie2.swf) which contains buttons and 3 others external swf files in it. They also contains contents which I assigned content1, content2, content3 as instance name movieclips. Let’s say they are just like a Portfolio, when u click on one of button it will load another swf file different after and after…

In my main movie (main.swf) I also have a content movie clip which it uses to load external loadmovies files. I did give the instance name = content.

Now, my problem is:
My main movie doesn’t recognize the second button (but2) while I click on it. I mean it loads but it doesn’t load those 3 others external on my movie2, it’s only load my movie2… I want to be able to load my movies2 as well as the 3 others external swf files.

How can i make them work correctly?? And another thing once I click back on my first but1 at main movie all the contains of but2 should be disappear how can I make them disappear?? How can I get rid of the contents of my but2 (Portfolio)

I’ll appreciate if anyone can help me…