.swf to .fla

is it possible to make a .swf into a .fla so i can edit it??

First of all, without the decompiler, you pretty much wont be able to use the imperator cause how would you get movies from the internet?
Just copy them out of your temporary internet cache folder. Any swf viewed is stored in there.

If you password your .swf can it still be ripped…
Yes. The decompiler breaks it all up into nice little folders of: action/font/image/sound/text/button/frame/shape/and sprite, regardless of password protection.

I was using the soThink one for awhile to help learn action script until I finally broke down and bought a “training from the source” book. Of course I still dont know what the hell Im doin? <starts reading>

If it weren’t for MM’s open source policy, the .swf and/or the Flash player may not be around right now.

Do you think it is an accident that the Flash Player is the #1 downloaded application in the history of the web?

You don’t get one without the other.


So…if i make a web-site in flash any idiot can easily copy it…or at least the effects?

basically yeh…

how will ppl learn to create flash themselves… ill never know.
We wouldn’t really be in this forum asking q’s no more.
There would prply be like one whole forum titled: “Flash MX Rippers” or sumthing… hahaha