Swf transition "new" problem

im my main timeline I have for examle 2 buttons but1 on rollover sends you to frame 50. but2 on rollover sends you to frame 51.

on frame 51 there is [COLOR=red]3 other buttons[/COLOR] ([COLOR=red]on different layers, and no other frames[/COLOR]) which I applied the “transitions between external swf” tutorial. now the transitions and preloaders work perfectly for theese [COLOR=red]3 buttons[/COLOR], but only for the first time I go to frame 51.

when I roll over the but1 and get sent to frame 50 then roll back over but2 and go to frame 51 again, the other [COLOR=red]3 buttons[/COLOR] on frame 51 dont load the external swfs any more.

Any Help