Swift 3D Building

This my first proper building using Swift 3D.

If you don’t mind taking a few secs opening the swf :slight_smile:
[size=1][color=red]NOTE: No preloader attached[/color][/size]

Or a Jpeg pic
There’s actually some transparancy but I guess Jpeg doesn’t support it :frowning:

nice one vince! it looks like a multi-storey car park! i kkow nothing of swift but looks good to me :beam:

lol, thx…at first, my bro thought it was an electric heater :trout:

That’s an awesome building ViNc3! Very stylish. Also modeled well.

I thought that for a second too, then I’m like wait…it’s a building.
What did you use to model it? Lathe tool?

btw, it looks cool!

haha, thanks!

What did you use to model it? Lathe tool?

I used a whole bunch of Cylinders, two boxes and a weird 2D drawing in the Extrution tab :stuck_out_tongue: and put them together…

it also kinda resembles a radiator with a robot-ish hand sticking out of it :stuck_out_tongue: