Swift 3d Texture Import

Can a textured file s(illustrator or any file formats) be imported in swift and rendered.
Like 3d studio Max or New Strata 3d pro v3.7 this is supuerb

Anyone help…

as far as I know you cant use any maps (texture etc) when using vector based graphics, I dont use swift so I cant really help but as it is a vector based tool I asume not.
(you can in Studio max, studio max all the way! yipee!).

hey jacks |

actually, i just tried s/thing very similar. i had a .3ds file/model with texture and was only able to import the primitive object into swift 3D as it has no way of texture mapping at all, unfortunately.

but as simononestop says, you definitely have tools for doing it in studiomax. if your objective is 3D for the web, though, check out director 8.5. i’m not sure how, but i am pretty sure that it can be done there.

good luck - matt.