Hi, love ur site, but i’m a newcomer, and want to learn sooooo much :slight_smile: I have swift 3d and visited their site (www.swift3d.com) and was left astounded! What I wanted to know was how to create some of the effects they achieved. Specifically, the image rollovers that highlight white and slowly fade to blue…were these done in flash? And how? And the menu at the top, where when the mouse is rolled over, (e.g. ‘Erain.com’ in the menu), and another menu slides and fades in from the side, bringing up more links…that is so cool! Man, if u guys/gals can help me with some insight into these great effects, I would forever be in ur awe (which i already am)!


It’s done with Flash. The 3d animation is done with Swift, but then Flash does all the job.

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cool thanks, r there any tutorials for this?