swift3d movie dimensions: are width and height adjustable?

I was wondering if it is possible to change the size of the exporte movie. as it stands, every ani. is exported with the same dimensions.\r\ralso, does anyone know if there are any 3d programs that have a absolute or numerical way to edit objects positions and their rotation, etc. This would allow for more precise object manipulation. It seems like an obvious feature to me, but i cannot find a program that uses it.\r\rcheers dozen

You can adjust the movie dimensions in Swift 3D. Create a new movie and select the Layout caption on the left. You will see the Layout section appear with the Width and Height fields. About your second question, I will have to look into that; I have no definite answer right now.

thanks for that, i saw this initialy but overlooked it.\rDo you know much about creating your own animations?do you have a tute or can you point me to a good one?\r\rSwift3d is a great program for quick and easy 3d solutions, however more control over the export file size needs to be addressed for web based applications. what do you think?\r\rregards \r\rdozen\r

Swift 3D V2 provides a lot more options for exporting your files than Swift 3Dv1. I have a few basic tutorial up on my site regarding Swift 3D, but I will create more in the near future!