Swift 3D free upgrade to v.2

Hello Swifters! I am your newest member of the Electric Rain team to offer help on the Flashmove forums. You can refer to me by cubedflash! Here is the latest and greatest news from Electric Rain:\r\r- Buy Swift 3D between now and Oct and receive a free upgrade to version 2.0 and save $20 on version 2.0 price\r\r-Fav current Swift 3D users the release of version 2.0 is right around the corner. Oct 1st is the planned release of version 2.0. You can check our site www.erain.com for details. Get pumped. We are slaving over here to give you the best product possible. Oh ya! We didn’t leave you out on the discounts. You get 50% off the upgrade price!\r\rQuestions, suggestions hit me up. Enjoy\r\r-cubedflash\r\rCreate 3D Flash!

Hey cubedflash,\rThis isn’t exactly the Flashmove forums, but you are welcome to stay :slight_smile: I’m looking into the Swift 3D V.2, and it seems like a good program. If it supports the 3D-ing of images, and better export size than Swift 3D v.1, I’ll be glad to give it a shot. I bought Swift 3D v.1 when it came out a long time ago, but I hope to upgrade to V2 when it comes out. Good Luck with the release!

Kirupa ,\r\rGood to hear from you.:slight_smile: Glad to hear you are looking forward to the release. We are working really hard over here to bring you the best product. The file size and rendering speed are drastically improved in version 2. We spent a majority of our time updating the RAVIX rendering engine. I am confident you will enjoy the new program. I am happy to be apart of any Flash forum. We are dedicated to staying in constant touch with our customers. The boards are a great way to build loyal relationships and focus on what the customer wants. Make sure to drop me a line when you get version 2.\r\r-cubedflash

Swift 3D v2

CubedFlash,\r Maybe you can give me my answer. I imported a file from Swift 3D, published, F12 to view, and then went control enter to view the size. After almost choking when I saw the size it added to my SWF (255K for a 7 letter word, spinning) I decided immediatley that was intolerable to my movie size requirements, and deleted the entire Swift 3D animation from my Movie. Took it out of the frames, the library, every place imaginable. And I was floored to find what it did to my Fla. It ruined it. My Fla went from 605K to 8.9 MEG. For all the various purposes of how I use an Fla, it is ruined. The ghost of that Swift 3D stays with my Fla even today. Like a cancer, cannot get rid of it. Can you tell me how to get it out so I can restore my Fla? \r\rSincere Regards,\rpj

PJ,\r\rSorry for the delay in the answer. I have never heard of an import staying with your FLA file after being erased. It sounds like there is an error in Flash. I would recommend contacting our support - [email protected].\r\rHere are some tips from my friend Rushvision on keeping file size low:\r\rThere are a number of different things you can do to decrease the file size of your exported SWF. Here are the some things for you to try.\r\rScale your objects down in the Scene Editor\rGo to the Layout Page on the Properties Toolbar and decrease the scene size. You are working with vectors, so your images will scale back up very nicely once imported into Flash.\rSome objects have settings that allow you to change the number of segments used to create it, such as the torus and the sphere. Decreasing the number of segments will reduce the amount of data that needs to be rendered.\rGet rid of any unnecessary bevels. These add considerably to the total number of polygons that make up the objects in your scene.\rIn the Preview and Export Editor under the General Options, you can set the Detail Level to low.\rSetting the slider farther over to Curves will usually result in a slightly smaller file size, but don’t expect this one to work miracles.\rExperiment with the different Fill Settings. There is no one setting that works best for every situation. Try combining outlines with some of the simpler fill settings to get the greatest amount of detail and the smallest file size. It will often be a compromise on some level.\r__________________\rmrush \r\rGood luck!\r\r-cubedflash\r \r

It’s not the “swf” we’re concerned with, it’s the “fla”, and it doesn’t just do it with imported Swift3D stuff, but with jpg’s and movie’s and other imported media.\r\rTry this experiment.\r\rOpen a blank Flash project. Save it as an FLA file, and note the file size.\rImport a large jpg, then delete it from the stage, and from the library.\rSave it again and compare file size again.