Swift3D thing

I want to make a animation of rotating text for my site banner and intro, but i don’t know what i need.

I went to swift3d.com and tried to download the trail of Swift 3D and it said not availbe. So I got Swift 3D Max instead.

Now when i tried to install it. It said something like it couldn’t find it or something and installed a Swift 3D Max plugin.

And now when i go the the folder it has this program where i can compare stuff.

Am i warmer or colder to getting my 3D text? (Marco-polo style)

wow, i’m the last person to comment in this whole forum for 12 hours!!!


lol :wink:

swft3d max is only a plugin for 3d studio max to allow import export between the two. you need the trial full version unless you have 3d studio max.

2 cents : Let’s not be complete explative deleted here and tell people who might take us seriously to format there hard drives. Some of us are complete newbs and might actually do it. If you cannot offer constructive information, dont waste bandwidth and post.