Software to apply texture to 3D swift project

Hi,\rKirupa told me that i can’t apply texture on swift 3D\rhe told me to look at 3rd party software,\rlike what,\ri want help plz\rcan someone tell me a name of software to do that ?\rThanx

I use 3d studio max.

The third party app simply means, use another software that can do stuff Swift3D was not made for.\r\rSo you have in there basically all the major 3D packages like Maya, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, TrueSpace, Infini-di and so on… Of course you have to export in formats Swift3D can handle… but most of these apps have filters for that, and if they don’t, there are patches out there that allow it.\r\rThe downside is that all of these apps are a lot more expensive than Swift3D. So be sure to decide how deep you will go into the wonderful world of 3D modelling and adjust your budget to that. Some packages are in excess of $4000 sometimes a lot more than that… \rbut… others are under $500… (good enough for most users) still, a lot more than the $150 you spend on an app like Swift3D or Flash… Bear in mind, even though Swift3D is a standalone app, it acts more like a step in between, almost like a plugin for these big time 3D apps.\r\rCheers

I got 3d studio max, and of course swifty, but how 'zactly can i make new textures through studio max, and then slap em on some jiffy image i made and make it super?