Swimming with dolphins - smoking "bubble rings" - feelgood moments that hurt :)

Anyone of you guys seen the IMAX - Dolphins movie?

In the end of the movie there is a very funny section with a researcher Dean and his dolphin buddy Jo-jo.
Instrumental music in background, Englishman in New York.

Dean lies on the ocean floor blowing air-rings for his buddy, and plays with fishes.

Dean strolls down the shore in sunset in his bathing trousers.

I saw this several years ago, and looking for it on youtube had me wade through hilarious dolphin movies.

I want to look at it, but it hurts my eyes :smiley:

That video is blocked in the US! :frowning:

I think my favorite feel good moment in a movie is the first John Travolta & Samuel L. Jackson scene from Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction leave you with a cool feeling long after leaving the theather. Some movies have the opposite effect.

Its probably a good thing this movie is blocked in the US. The pseudoscience is strong in this one, hard to distinguish from fantasies.