Getting New Server

[Professor Farnsworth (from Futurama) voice]
[size=3]Good news everyone,[/size] Stock Xchng are getting a new server. It’s coming next month. Their current server just can’t cope with the amount of traffic that the site gets. I’ll be glad when they get it because then I won’t have to wait for hours for the server load to drop before browsing for photos.
[/Professor Farnsworth (from Futurama) voice]

yeah noticed that, it seems like there traffic has huge peaks but at other times there’s like nobody on it… well, I saw that warning once at least and I can’t wait…

Thats excellent, their server is always over loaded when i’m browsing :frowning:


(wipes tears from eye)

Everytime a server gets installed, a daemon gets its pitchfork :evil:

wow thats a sweet site, never been there befor:)

It’s the best stock photo site on the web but it’s always busy when I’m on it.

even better than the paid ones? ive been browsing around on it for some pics i need for a website project and it rocks so far:)

not better than the paid ones…but it is a very good source.

yeah, especially since paying for stock photos is not in my budget hehe