Server Issue

:upset: Anyone else fed up with the overloaded server at Stock XCHNG? They’ve been claiming that a new server is coming ‘next month’ for three months now. What is going on?:h: It seems that every time I go looking for stock photos I come up against the rest of the world in a battle to get my ‘request’ ‘handled’.:sigh:

amen bro, amen…

yup. just hit refresh a lot.
read the forums apparently they will update the server soon but they need a host machine or something’

And i’ve found from experience that the site behaves much more correctly with NS than IE

yes, that server its “coming up” like 3 years ago :sure:

you live on the wrong part of this earth :smiley:

I used sxc in the past (like a few months ago), and I have rarely encountered slow speeds. I must have been one of the lucky ones :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah - us, the [pantomime quotation marks]chosen ones[/pantomime quotation marks]

the server load bar can change in a couple of hours, so it depends when you look at it…

I know - I was just kidding anyway.
but I haven’t had a single real laggin’ connection from stock.xchng in the last months

Yeah I mean come on! I want free, always working perfectly, free, great photos!

=) well duh :trout:

Seriously though; I’d donate little money for a new server…

If it meant problem free photo browsing I’d happily donate something.