can you post the .fla of your banner?

I’m just assuming you’re talking to me about the File Size question. If I’m wrong, sorry.

I posted the download link for it at:

Syko is a person. he has a cool banner and i want to know how to do it

lol! =) :slight_smile: :smiley:
arguing here what or who is “Syko”
LOL :smiley:
I posted the .fla in the tutorial forum, too. :slight_smile:
oh and btw these are called flash footers :slight_smile:

but what if i don’t want it to be a mouse pointer thing. i want to make a movie with it in it. wheres the coding? lol

wut do ya mean?
you don’t want to be a what?
the coding is on the movieclip named “actions”.

how did you make that light gradually fade?

You see it’s just a big box. It has a radial fill. At the inside it has a color with and alpha of 0 or something like that so you could see through it and at the edges there is a black color with an alpha of 100 or something like that for it to fade…
Everything is in the .fla man