YAY! Finally it’s done!
Check it out! =)

I know I know… you don’t like the color scheme! I dunno why I picked these colors! …besides 'em being my favourite colors!

I’m so proud of meself! :stuck_out_tongue:



well, for one thing. i dont like the color scheme. can you make a table width 100% and height 100% and center the stuff in the middle of the page? i dont like it crushed in the top.

but its pretty nice anyhow. there isnt much to critique on. the colors make my eyes hurt though. :X

I think the colors are fine, though the blue gets a little lost in the black…
like the name syko creative :bad: :sure:

im not the frame kind of guy. but its ok…
the clock is cool.

why not use the same pixel font in the footer in the last updated
and Welcome to…

and the blue color is to dark for me.

and why not put like a border in the contect frame?

or a background? would look cool i think…

overall its ok

vipa’h - It’s at the top cuz if you view it at 800x600 then it’s right in the middle from the top edge to the bottom edge! So if I moved it down you’d have to scroll it if you have 800x600!

jiyllimo - Thanx =)

  1. pixelfont - because in all other places the font is embed but in the Last update and welcometo/lastvisit there are dynamic textboxes cuz the TxT changes so if the visitor didn’t have the pixelfont then it would be an ugly anti-aliased times new roman there! But I made it Verdana so it’s pretty much ok. (oh and btw visit the site again and in the place where you saw “Welcome to SP” before there is now “Last visit: ##.##.####” =)

border? I don’t think that would look good… :-\

background? Well I could but… now it’s just blue and black so that would ruin the theme! :wink:

syko, not if you put it in the 100% x 100% table. when you do that, it centers in the page for any size resolutions.

Yeah but it’s in frames!

wtf, why did you do that?
it would have been easier to make an iframe, and then do what I said, you do everything the hard way.

well how the heck am I supposed to get the middle part to scrol when needed if it ain’t i frames? (e.g. links page)

just have your header flash up top
bottom flash

make the iframe width the size of your flash animation
and the height, whatever you want…

then put everything into a 100% x 100% table and make it centered.


top header
bottom footer

your links page will scroll if there is more info then the amount of height you give it.

ye I though sumthin like that but an iframe is still a frame and i don’t know nothing about iframes so… I made it with normal frames!

its so simple.

<IFRAME border="0" name="main" src="main.html" frameBorder="0" width="426" height="462"></IFRAME>

<IFRAME border=“0” name=“main” src=“” frameBorder=“0” width=“100” height=“100”></IFRAME>

< table 100% x 100% >
< / table >

(not exact code)
you see?

ahh dam it’s that simple???
lol a friend of mine said that he was taught by a master coder and it took some time to learn iframes!
OMG I can’t believe it I gotta remake my site…

huhhhhh! dammit! :stuck_out_tongue:

WTF… i frames are complicated!? I think regular frames are more complicated. I dont know what the hell to do with regular frames. haha.

hell yeah regular are more complicated! ahhh s**t! This make me …I dunno what it makes me feel like!

like poo, probably.

great work syko, glad to see it’s done now! keep it up. :slight_smile:

Well it’s in Iframes now! Wasn’t so hard @ all! took me about… 10 minutes! :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest, I don’t like it. I’ve seen your footer’s Syko and I think you can come up with something better than this.

Your main problem is the color scheme, it’s too dark. My eyes started to strain a bit after awhile when I was viewing your site.

It’s a cool start though, don’t get me wrong, but I know you’re capable of creating something better.

I know I am but actually this is the first site I’ve actually completed! So I just thought that I’ll complete this one and then make a new one! But now I’ll just chill for a while before startin’ a new one! :slight_smile: