Sync actionscript with PHP

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I’m using 3 PHP files to find width, height and duration of an FLV file.
Then, I use action script to get that information.
Seems like I get different results in different times I run it on the server, and I suspect it’s because it takes some time to the PHP to give the information, so the action script, reads before time, and then behaves wierd.
How can I check if it’s a good time to get information from an XML made by a PHP?

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=4][COLOR=Red]Ignore the small text[/COLOR] - [SIZE=3]i had a stupid mistake that made the problem there. [/SIZE]but:
after fixing the problem, I still have a problem with changing the video object’s width and height.

I put an empty video object (New Video… in the library).
I read by a PHP the width and height of the FLV file.
I change the my_video.width and my_video.height to those numbers (using parseFloat, so they are numbers).
After waiting to the PHP (I actually check when the parameter from the PHP has changed, because it takes time), I use **updateAfterEvent();
And nothing happens to the my_video :-/
What can I do?

— Edit —
Doesn’t matter, it’s just _width and _height and not width and height… Gish! everytime it’s different! and it tells you that you’re right, even if you aren’t! such an [AS hole] :crazy: