Syntax for frame reference in external SWFs

sorry to be a pest yall - but im just trying to figure this stuff out…

what is the syntax for referencing frame labels in an external SWF?

if i have a frame labeled “endframe” in an external swf - like EXTERNALSWF1.swf

and i want to put an action in my main.fla like
if FrameLoaded (“endframe”) {
gotoAndPlay (1); }

  • how do i tell the main.fla that i am referring the frame named “endframe” in the EXTERNALSWF1.swf and not just any other external movieclip or the main.fla timeline ?

would it be some thing like
ifFrameLoaded (“flash/external swfs/externalsSWF1.swf”,“endframe”) {
gotoAndPlay (1); }