Syntax prob with load movie

I need the proper syntax to load a movie into a MC named blank…this is what I have thus far…\r\rOn (release)\rLoadMovNum (“about.swf,1”)\r\rhowever, I need to specify the target and I’m not getting it right…the target is an MC with the instance name blank…\r\rthanks 4 any aid…

If you do it in Normal mode, just change “level” into “target”.\rAnyway, you should get something like

 on (release) {\r\r        LoadMovie ("about.swf","_root.blank" ) ;\r\r}

pom 0]

ur the best pom…

if you are using loadMovieNum you do not specify a target, you specify a level number.\rexample: loadMovieNum (“filename.swf”,1);\rlevel zero is the first movie loaded into the player and you rarely (if ever) want to load to level zero.\ronce a swf has been loaded into a level however you can loadMovie into that level like a target.\rexample: loadMovie (“filename.swf”,_level1);\r:) \rjeremy