Syntax question

I am having trouble with a dynamic text field… I want the field to display some text along with a changing variable. Something like this - “blah blah var_something blah blah blah”. I have the text field set to display a different variable that contains var_somehting and the text I want. However I cannot get it to display properly.

Example of what I am doing:

var_something = (_root.something/x)
var_text = “You have var_something things!”

Then my dynamic text box is set to display var_text.

What is the syntax for displaying both the text I want AND the value of var_something???

The problem is in this line of code:

var_text = “You have var_something things!”

It has to be like this:

var_text = “You have”+var_something+“things”

Beacause var_something is an expression so it cannot be contained inside the quotation marks. Hope that helps. Good Luck.

nemo | Bejingler


Thanks a lot… problem solved!